Business Term/Asset Based Loans

Loans could be borrowed to purchase a capital asset, to refinance the existing debt or to expand the business or to acquire new business. We can also elp you get a flexible repayment schedule.

The advantages with us
The term fund loans are needed by the borrower to purchase fixed assets like land, building or equipment and to refinance them. To acquire other companies also term loans could be helpful. The terms of such loans vary on the life of the asset that has to be financed and also on the individual policy of any financial institution that is lending the money. There are many insurance companies, trust companies and mortgage companies that lend money to the borrowers against mortgages on land and building. There are commercial term lenders like banks and finance companies also which lend loans for a shorter terms. Assets are obviously the security in such loans but depending on the financial strength of the loan borrower nad the value of the assets there might be other securities needs such as life insurance, personal guarantees, floating charges on the assets.

When the borrower approaches us, we try to talk and limit the security to the assets that are getting financed so that other assets could be used for any other finance from other institutes. We help the borrower to have the term based or asset based loans to be granted fast and will make sure the borrower and the lender both have their peace of mind.